What is the WiFi Hotspot, and how do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note3?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Wi-Fi® Hotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature lets you share your mobile device’s data connection with other devices by turning your device into a wireless access point. You can connect up to eight wireless devices via Wi-Fi.

WARNING: Using your mobile device as a wireless access point is data-intensive and will dramatically reduce battery life. We recommend you contact your wireless service provider and ask about availability with your plan. We also recommend you keep the device plugged in while the hotspot feature is on.

Access the Hotspot

1 From the Home screen, touch Menu > Settings > Controls > More settings > Mobile Hotspot .
2 Touch the slider to turn Mobile Hotspot on.
3 If you are connected to a wireless access point, you will be disconnected from the access point before you can use the hotspot feature. Touch OK to continue.

NOTE: The icon is displayed at the top of your screen when the hotspot is turned on.

Configure the Hotspot

1 You can use the pre-defined settings, or touch Configure to edit the settings.
2 When configuring the feature, enter or edit the Network SSID (network name), select the Security feature, enter or edit the Password (if required), and check Hide my device to make your network invisible.
3 Touch Show advanced options to configure the Broadcast channel and define the Maximum connections.
4 Touch Save to continue. The hotspot will turn off and turn back on with the newly configured settings.
What is the WiFi Hotspot, and how do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note3?
5 Touch the hotspot name to configure the connection mode. Select All devices to allow connections from any device that has the correct connection information. Select Allowed devices only to limit connections to those devices defined in the Allowed devices list.
What is the WiFi Hotspot, and how do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note3?
6 Touch next to Connected device to add the device to the allowed list. Enter a device name, and touch OK. Or touch the Allowed devices list to add or remove the devices allowed to connect to the hotspot. Touch Back to return to the previous screen.

Connecting to the Hotspot

1 Turn on Wi-Fi on the device you want to connect to your hotspot.
2 Search for your hotspot using the information shown on the hotspot settings screen, and enter the necessary information.

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