How Do I Download And Install The Latest Firmware For My MP3 Player?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

The following instructions will work for most models, however, please see the list of FAQ's below. If there is an FAQ pertaining to your model, please select that FAQ for more specific instructions.

Go to Manuals and Drivers section of our Support Page.  
Enter Model Name or Select Model using the Step by Step option below that. 
If there is a Firmware upgrade for your model, it will be displayed. Select and Download Firmaware upgrade. 
Install the latest Firmware program on your PC. 
Connect to the USB port on your PC using the USB cable or adapter while holding the play button on the main body. If you press the Play button more than 5 seconds, the "Player Recovery Device" message is displayed on Device Manager. 
Run the upgrade program. 
When the program is running, the screen will show the progress. 
The upgrade window will appear when the Recovery process is complete. Ensure that "Quick Download" is deselected. Click Start to begin the upgrade.

*Note: If you do not release Quick Download, you cannot proceed to upgrade. When the Quick Download is deselected, formatting will commence at the same time, and the saved file will be deleted.

The upgrade is complete.
Reconnect the USB for the driver to be newly recognized.

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