How Do I Watch One Channel While Recording Another?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

Recording while you watch


  1. Insert a video cassette with the record protect safety tab intact. Check the tape speed. If the VCR indicator on the front panel is not lit, press the TV/VCR button.
  2. Select a channel to record by pressing CH/TRK or the number buttons.
  3. Press the REC button on the remote control or the front of the VCR. The REC indicator will light.
  4. If you want to edit out unwanted material during recording, press the P/STILL button while recording and the VCR will pause. To resume recording, press the P/STILL button again.
  5. To end recording, press the STOP button.


Separate Recording and Viewing


You can view a different program from the one you're recording if your VCR is connected to your antenna or cable system.  (When using a cable decoder box, use an A/B switch.)

While recording on one channel, press the TV/VCR button on the remote control to select TV viewing. The VCR indicator light on the front display shuts off. Select the channel you want to watch with the TV's channel buttons. 

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