How to use Ambient Mode on Samsung QLED TV

Last Update date : Dec 16. 2020

Televisions are getting bigger and they are taking up a lot of space in your living room. You can do much more with Samsung QLED TV's Ambient mode even if you are not watching TV. Let's find out what you can do with Ambient Mode.

Ambience on your QLED TV

Ambient Mode is a feature that is available on Samsung QLED TVs. QLED models with this function have an Ambient Mode button on the remote control to activate the function.

Now, TV is not only electronic equipment but also an interior décor item. Ambient Mode provides a more stylish alternative to the black screen, elevating your living space with decorative content, information and much more. With Ambient Mode, you can make your TV show the same pattern as the wall behind it so that it looks like the TV has disappeared, and you can display your own photos and images on the TV. in addition, Ambient Mode will give you useful information such as the time and weather.

Ambient Mode Decor

Note: Ambient Mode is only available from 2018 QLED TV Models and The Serif.

Start Ambient Mode

There are two easy ways to activate Ambient Mode. You can turn on with your remote control directly or select Ambient Mode menu in Smart Hub.


  • Remote control: Press the Ambient Mode button.
ambient remote button
  • Smart Hub: Choose Ambient Mode icon.

Features of Ambient Mode

Ambient Mode offers many useful functions that make your everyday life more efficient and elegant. You can get certain information you need, get help for total relaxation, change the mood in your room, have your own gallery, and so on.

ambient mode features

1. Routine: Enjoy a range of specially designed routines, or create your own routines using the SmartThings app on your mobile device.

2. Special Edition: Enjoy creative art and interior design content by the worlds' finest artists and designers.

3. About Mood: Enjoy a range of options to create the right ambience to suit your mood.

4. Relaxation: Relax with a selection of calming content inspired by nature to soothe your mood.

5. Décor: Enhance your living space with a range of beautiful nature scenes, contemporary interior design, modern lighting, and fun family themes.

6. My Album: Turn your living space into a personal gallery with a range of frame styles to display photos using the SmartThings app on your mobile device. You can decorate the TV screen with your own photos or images.

7. Info: Get useful information such as the time, weather, and a world map.

8. Artwork: Enjoy stunning photography in your living space - professionally curated from the finest collections.

9. Background Theme: Choose from a range of stylish wall themes that blend your TV into your living space to offer a more stylish alternative to the black screen.

10. Music Wall: Enjoy listening to music in your living space. Visualizations are generated on your TV that alter and respond to the frequency of your music.

How to use Ambient Mode

My Album of Ambient Mode will turn your TV into a personal gallery. Send your own photos to your TV in order to use this feature.

Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1. Launch the SmartThings app, tap the main menu, and then Devices to enter the device list.

SmartThings home step1

Step 2. Select your connected TV from the device list, and then tap Ambient Mode.

SmartThings home step2

Step 3. Tap My Album on the Ambient Mode screen.

Step 4. Tap Select Photos to choose your photos.

SmartThings home step3

Adjust the Ambient Mode as you want it to be. You can modify Auto Brightness level, Sleep After time, and Reset All Photos. To do so, press the Ambient button on the remote control to enter Ambient Mode, and then select Settings. 

ambient settings
  • Auto Brightness: Change the level of auto brightness setting for Ambient Mode. TVs with Ambient Mode have a sensor detecting brightness. The screen will dim in dark settings so as to blend into the surroundings and save power.
  • Sleep After(Ambient Off Timer): Set the time when the Ambient Mode turns off automatically. If there's no input for the set time, the screen will go off. The default timer is 4 hours.
  • Reset all Photos: Clear all of the photos transferred from your mobile device.

Note: The device screenshots and menu are only samples in English - they are also available in the language of your country.

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