What are the ports available in Samsung One Connect box?

Last Update date : Oct 07. 2020

Samsung One Connect Box is a media receiver with a built-in TV tuner. It minimises cable clutter by functioning as a hub for connecting A/V components, while using a single one connect cord to interface with the panel. There are several other ports available in One Connect box for seamless connectivity.

Types of Ports available in Samsung One Connect Box:

What are the ports available in Samsung One Connect box?
1 IR Out: Connect the IR extender to the IR Out ports to control external devices connected to the TV using the Smart Touch Control.
2 Audio Out: Used to connect external speakers.
3 ANT IN: Connect the cable from the antenna or cable TV outlet.
4 Component & AV: These ports can be used to connect A/V devices by connecting connectors.
5 HDMI: Use these ports to connect set top box, laptop, digital video interface, home theater, audio return channel, mobile high definition link, blu-ray players, game consoles and other various devices using HDMI cable.
6 LAN: Wired Ethernet port to connect with the network.
7 Digital Audio Out: You can connect home theater systems to the optical or audio out port.
8 EX-LINK: Use this application to configure the device, set application options, and add accounts.
9 One Connect: Port to connect one connect cable.
10 USB: You can connect USB storage devices to the USB jacks and enjoy personal photos, videos and music.

Note: The length of the One Connect cable is fixed. It is designed the way it is to provide the best signal integrity.

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