What is Smart View feature in Samsung SMART TV?

Last Update date : Oct 05. 2020

Smart View is a convergence feature in Samsung Smart F Series TV. Now you can enjoy your TV contents on your Smart phones. You can share your TV contents directly on your Smart phone with the help of Smart View Application. Smart View Application is available in Google play/ Samsung Apps/ App Store so you can download and install the Appliaction easily from there in your Smart phone. 

What is Smart View feature in Samsung SMART TV ?

 ( An example of Smart View feature in Clone View ) 



Functions in Smart View : 


Clone View : You can watch same content on your phone as it is running on your Smart TV (Supported Products are all Wi-Fi built-in Smart TV,Galaxy S3 and above). 


Dual View : You can watch one content on TV and second content on phone with second content coming from the source connected to TV (Supported products are Series 7 and above & Galaxy S3 and above).

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