Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1 - What is Trade-In?

A1 - Samsung Trade-In allows customers to trade-in any listed device (being it a mobile phone, tablet or wearable) which will be evaluated by Regener8 for a credit trade-in value. This value is then applied as a discount to the purchase price of a new Samsung device, should the device be traded-in before the purchase of the new device, subject to certain criteria e.g. the age and condition of the device.  Alternately, the trade-in value will be paid to your bank account shared at the time of the trade-in application.

Q2 - Who is Regener8 Group?

A2 - Samsung have appointed Regener8 Group Proprietary Limited (registration number: 2017/308339/07) ("Regener8") as their official trade-in partner in South Africa and who works with Samsung and/or Samsung branded store staff to deliver the Samsung trade-in and/or trade up programmes.

Q3 - Can I Trade-In more than one device

A3 – Yes, you can trade-in more than one device for a discount on your future Samsung purchases, subject to certain criteria such as the age and condition of the device e.g. you can trade-in two mobile phones for a reduction in price on a new Samsung Tablet or a Samsung TV.


Q1 – How do I get my old device to Regener8 (Trade-in Partner)?

A1 –

·       For Online: If you wish to complete the trade-in online, please complete the online form and Regener8 will arrange for a courier to collect your device at your convenience. You can reschedule a collection provided this is at least 24 hours before the original appointment. Should the device not be provided to the courier as per the agreed first collection, then you will be liable for the costs of the courier for any additional collection requests.

·        For in-store: If you wish to complete the trade-in in store, please take your existing device with you to a Samsung branded store to be graded and traded in.

Q2 – Will I require a proof of purchase for my new device?

A2 – For certain trade-in promotion, a copy of your invoice for the newly purchase device will be required that must include the date of purchase, customer name as well as the name and IMEI of the new device. Please refer to the applicable promotion T&Cs.

Q3 - How soon will the courier be arranged to pick up my old device for on-line trade-in?

A3 – Your device will be collected by Regener8's courier within 10 days after confirm your device meets the trade-in criteria. If, however, you are not available at the time agreed with Regener8's courier, you will have to pay for a courier to collect the device from you for delivery to Regener8.

Q4 - What should I do before handing over my old device to Samsung (if in store) or Regener8 (if online)?

A4 – Before you hand over your device in store or for collection by Regener8's courier;

·        Back up your files, photos contacts and all other data

·        perform a “factory reset”

·        Remove any Google or iCloud locks -

  •  iCloud Account Removal: Go to Settings > general > Reset > Erase all content and settings.
  • Google Account removal: Go to  Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Erase all data > enter pin if prompted > Erase all data.

·        Remove your SIM and memory cards.

·        If you are trading-in a mobile device, place your trade-in device into a suitable padded envelope and seal it ready for collection by the courier.

·        If you are trading-in a wearable device or a tablet, place your trade-in device together with all original accessories e.g. charging cables into a suitable padded envelope and seal it ready for collection by the courier. Please be aware that the original accessories MUST be included with the trade-in tablet or wearable device. If you do not include the accessories, it will not be accepted for trade-in.

Please note that Regener8 cannot recover any data from your device after you hand it over.

Q5 - What if my device is blocked?

A5 - If your device is blocked, it is likely it has been reported lost or stolen, and we will not be able to proceed with the trade-in. If you are the rightful owner of a blocked device, you will need to resolve this with your service provider. Neither Samsung nor Regener8 are able to unblock any device.

Q6 - What happens if the device I want to trade in does not meet your requirements?

A6 - If you want to trade in a device and it does not meet the requirements we have specified, a value will be given by Regener8. If the value doesn’t meet your expectation, the device will be returned to you.

Q7 - What do I have to include with my device?

A7 – for mobile devices, only the mobile device is required. You may include other accessories if you wish to dispose of them. For wearable devices and tablets, we require the device AND all the original accessories e.g. charging cables.

Q8  - What will you do to my old device?

A8 - Regener8 will have the sole discretion to resell or harvest components / raw materials of the devices in an environmentally-friendly manner. All devices will be data-wiped for your security.

Q9 - I have decided to return my new device for a refund. Can I get my old trade-in device back?

A9 – No. If you have received the trade-in value of the old device, the transfer cannot be reversed.

Q10 - When will I receive the trade-in cash amount?

A10 - The trade-in cash amount will be deposited into the bank account in South Africa that you have specified within 14-20 days after the final evaluation of the device has been done by Regener8.

Q11 -  Can I get cash instead of a bank transfer for the trade-in amount?

A11 - No, only bank transfers will be done for security reasons.


Q1 – Do I need the proof of purchase of my old devices (i.e. trade-in devices) to participate in the Samsung Trade-In program?

A1 - No, this is not required at the time of trading in your device. However, you will need to ensure that the device has not been registered as lost or stolen. Your device also needs to be unlocked with all screen locks, PIN locks, "Find my Device" or similar locks disabled.

Q2 - I bought my device overseas. Can I still participate in the Samsung Trade-in program?

A2 - You may be eligible to trade-in your phone. You can trade in any device you want as long as it’s part of the eligible trade-in list. For more information, please visit our Samsung Trade-in website