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Play Media from a USB Drive on Your 2016 Smart TV (UN**K****)

Your 2016 Samsung SMART TV allows you to view compatible media contents from External Devices, such as a USB Storage Device.

When a USB device is connected to the USB port, a pop-up message will appear allowing users to easily switch to media content stored on the USB device.

Connecting an External Device (USB Storage)

  1. Plug in the USB Device, with the stored media content, into the USB In port of your TV.   

  2. Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart Control, to access the Home Screen.   

  3. Using the directional pad on your remote navigate to Source, then press the Select button on the directional pad to access the available sources.   

  4. Select the appropriate USB Source.    

  5. The TV will display a thumbnail list of the media contents saved on your USB Device. Select a folder or media content to play from the list.   

  6. Select the media content that you would like to play on your TV.    

  7. Your media will begin to play.   

    Users may have an issue playing an MKV file because it may contain video or audio codecs that are not supported by your TV. In this case, try changing the file format to MP4 or AVI.

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