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Last Update date : 2021-11-18

You can utilize the Family Hub app as a convenient lifestyle supporter. See the weather forecast, listen to music, search for a recipe via a web browser, list the food for your next grocery trip, check the calendar, and more. 

The below instructions are available when the SmartThings app has installed on your mobile phone and connected with your Family Hub refrigerator. 

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Family Hub will make it easy for you to see the current status of your appliance inside and control the temperature, dispenser, ice, and much more.

Find out how to set up your Family Hub, change the settings, and make use of the incredible features.


TuneIn lets you listen to real-time broadcasts and custom content, such as podcasts.

tune in

Major Functions



major functions



Play Control

You can start or stop the radio by tapping the play, pause button.

You can see the information and composition of the channel by tapping the list button.

• You can follow the channel if you click the heart symbol of the button on the playback screen.

• The rewind, fast forward button is inactivated if the current channel is broadcast and is it is activated if the current channel is a music collection.

• In the activation status, rewind or fast forward to 30 seconds.

Bottom Channel Box

The channels show my following channel and the recommended channel.


• You can see the following channels by logging in to the TuneIn account.

• The following channels show if there is no log in. (The channel shows)


Tap the search icon and go to the search screen, input text, and search the station or podcast.


You can register and share the schedule of your family members.


How to use major functions


major functions



Add the Calendar and user guide

Step 1. Tap the setting button on the left.

Step 2. Select the ‘Add calendars’ under the ‘Connected calendar’ section.

Step 3. Choose ‘Google’ or ‘Microsoft 365’ and enter your account ID and password.

Step 4. Confirm the shared settings and set the switch to ‘ON’ of the calendar to share.

Add and event

Step 1. Tap the ‘+’ icon on the left.

Step 2. Enter detailed information such as title, date, and time of schedule.

Step 3. Select the Add button at the bottom.


You can view photos stored in the refrigerator’s built-in memory or on an external USB memory device.

Major Functions


major functions




It will show all of the photos in the internal storage and the USB organized by the time.


Shows all of the albums in the internal storage and the USB.


You can see the shared photos in the Family Group of the Samsung Social Service in the Shared tab.

View the photo list in the selected album

This shows all of the pictures in the selected album in the form of a thumbnail. You can use the functions as shown below in the photo list.

View the photo in detail (Internal storage/USB memory)

If you choose the photo in the picture tab or the photo list, you can see the picture in full screen view.

View the photo list in the shared album

Show all of the pictures in the selected shared album. You can show all of the photos in the shared album as a slideshow.

View the photo in detail (Shared album)

If you choose the thumbnail in the photo list of the shared album, you can see the picture in full screen view.


  • Shared Album in Gallery App (Share via Samsung Social Service) is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 8.0 Oreo and above.
  • The Gallery app on Family Hub supports file formats in JPG, PNG, and GIF.

You can register up to 8 locations to see the weather forecast. 

Major Functions

  • Add a Location
  • Change the sequence of the locations
  • Delete Location

The Timer app is a countdown that you can use to time the duration of an operation.

You can see today’s weather, schedule, and food items which will be expired soon and NPR news.

Each page will be shown when you swipe the images.

  • Greeting page
  • Weather
  • Calendar: You can see today’s upcoming events of the selected profile.
  • Food Reminder: Food items in ViewInside App and will be expired within 3 days.
  • NPR News: You can directly hear NPR news from the desired time by moving the blue circle on the progress bar (Show the current progress of playing the NPR Audio News).
morning brief screen

Note: If Morning Brief cannot provide some service, the ! icon will be shown in the top-right corner of each service card.

How to use

When you press Start, Family Hub will provide brief, useful information considering each profile.

Method 1. Say ‘Bixby’ and ‘Play morning brief’ or ‘Good morning’

Method 2. Press the Start button in the Morning brief app.

You can fill out a variety of notes, such as Handwriting, photos, stickers, voice recording, etc.

white board screen

Add the Photo/Sticker/Voice recording and set the profiles, schedule, etc. You can also use the Pen/Eraser palette.

add the photos and functions screen

You can use the Internet browser by Family Hub. It consists of Two Toolbars on top and bottom, and a web page in the middle.

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