Connect your Galaxy this Holiday

We see suite of Samsung Galaxy devices together - The Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Buds, Watch Active2, and Tab S6 with the headline Seamlessly.

Bring your world closer together with Galaxy. With seamless connectivity between the Galaxy Note10, S10, Buds, Watch Active2 and Tab S6, you get the most out of your music, videos, and apps in one seamless experience. Which means fewer interruptions and more ways to connect to what you love.

*Screen images simulated

Powerful apart. Stronger together.

What’s on TV? Your phone.

A young girl is holding a Galaxy Note10 in her both hands. And there is a video of bears in the water scene on her phone that is also on the TV in front of him.

Using your phone has never been more family-friendly. With SmartView, you can share all your movies and videos from your Galaxy S10 to your TV with a tap.1 Don’t keep your favourite videos to yourself, because sharing is caring.

Snap a photo from your wrist.

We see a Note10 phone and a Watch Active2. They both have the camera apps open, revealing that you can view the phone's camera from the watch. We see the same young girl in both devices.
Camera Control

Take a step back and a leap forward with Camera Controller on your Watch Active2. With the ability to remotely preview, snap, and review photos from your S10’s camera, it makes it easy to fit your entire family - or your entire self - into every shot.2

Seamless is more.

Galaxy devices don’t just work together, they work together seamlessly.

Leave your phone, not your music.

We see three images next to one another. In the first, we see an opened gift box with the Note 10 on a table in front of it. In the second, we see a close shot of a man wearing a Watch Active2 with Spotify on the screen. In the third, we see a close-up of a man wearing Galaxy Buds in his ear.
LTE Continuity

Say goodbye to awkward silences, because with LTE Continuity you can stay connected with your Galaxy Watch Active2. So whether you’re listening to the latest Holiday hit or singing along to your favourite classics, you can keep the music going on your Galaxy buds with just a tap on your wrist.3

Get a call on your phone. Say hello on your tablet.

Call & Message Continuity

In the Galaxy, your calls and messages can be automatically synced. Which means if your phone is out of reach, you can answer on your Galaxy Tab S6 or other connected devices.4 So whether Grandma calls to send her love, your friends message to catch up, or the pizza guy rings to deliver your post-holiday meal, you have more ways to answer than ever before.

We see two images - one of a Note10 and one of a Tab S6. Both images have the same screen, where we see an incoming phone call coming in from the same phone number. The face caller ID is the same in both also - which is a portrait of the same young teenage girl.

Power your Galaxy from your Galaxy.

A white Galaxy Buds case charges on the back of a Galaxy Note10 phone.

With Wireless PowerShare, you can charge your Qi-compatible device directly from your Galaxy Note10. No wires, no cables, no searching for outlets.6

Charge two Galaxy devices at once.

A black Watch Active2 and a Note10 sit face-up on top of a Wireless Charger Duo charging pad. Both screens show that they are at 100% charge.

The Wireless Charger Duo Pad lets you charge two of your devices at the same time.7 Just place them down on the pad, charge, and resume control - all without searching for cables. Keeping your Galaxy at full power has never been easier.