Use the Samsung settings on your Samsung laptop or notebook

Last Update date : Jun 11. 2021
Use the Samsung settings on your Samsung laptop or notebook

Samsung Settings is an exclusive app that is only available on Samsung computers and lets you adjust and control unique features. It is slightly different from regular Windows Settings but gives you the tools to do even more with your laptop or notebook, like power management and adjusting the audio.

Note: This information refers to the pre-installed Samsung Settings app that comes on your Samsung laptop and notebook sold in Canada. Certain options and settings will vary depending on your laptop or notebook's model.

Samsung Settings comes pre-installed on Samsung computers and provides extra features to help make your laptop or notebook even more customizable and easy to use. For example, you can change your audio and display settings, so they are just right for you.

Select Start, and then select Samsung Settings. You can also search for and select Samsung Settings using the search bar.

Use Samsung settings

The following settings are available:

  • Quick Settings: Select the switch to turn this on and access your most frequently used settings. You can customize Quick Settings by selecting Add or remove quick settings, and then selecting the desired settings.
  • Power Management: Extend the lifespan of your battery by virtually "removing" the battery from the laptop or notebook and setting the maximum charge level to 85 percent. Select the switch to turn this on.
  • Convenience: Control Auto Booting and Silent Mode.
  • Network: Get a detailed view of the available networks, their wireless signal strength, Bluetooth connection, and more.
  • Display: Select a display color scheme or customize your own. You can also apply HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) effects to videos, Outdoor+ mode if you are using your PC outside, and Flicker free to prevent screen flickering.
  • Audio: Select your desired sound mode such as Music, Movie, or Game.
  • Input: Adjust the keyboard backlight from level 0 to 100, or turn off the keyboard backlight if desired.
  • S Pen: Select your preferred S Pen features and settings. This option will only appear if your laptop or notebook supports the S Pen.

If the Samsung Settings app does not have what you are looking for, you should try looking on the laptop or notebook's general Windows settings.

To do this, select Start, and then select Settings. From here, you can access all kinds of options.

Adjust other settings

If you still cannot find the setting you need, it might be located in the laptop or notebook's Control Panel.

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