Samsung Microwave - Control panel does not respond

Last Update date : Aug 05. 2021
Samsung Microwave - Control panel does not respond

If the microwave has power, but will not respond to any commands or only certain buttons work, clean the control panel and try a power cycle. If the panel still doesn't respond, service is required.

The provided information refers to microwaves sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

Step #1: Check and clean the control panel
  • Buttons should not require excessive force to press. If buttons work, but only when using excessive force, visit our Support Center to request service.
  • Some microwaves have capacitive touch panels. On these microwaves, make sure to touch the button with a bare finger. The button may not respond if there is not enough area of contact.
  • The panel may not be responding because it is not detecting your fingers. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the control panel, dry it and then test again.
Step #2: Check for control lock

Some microwaves have control lock. If this is enabled, the other buttons will not respond. There are also cases when some buttons will not respond while other functions are being used on the microwave. See your user manual for details about control lock and when the button you're trying to use may not respond.

Step #3: Reset the microwave

To reset the microwave, unplug it or turn the circuit breaker off. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

If the control panel activates by itself without being touched, for instance if the panel acts like the 7 key (or any other key) is constantly being pressed, or if a 7 second cycle starts when you press Start or OK, visit the Support Center to request service.

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