Samsung washing machine’s detergent drawer is full after a cycle

Last Update date : Jul 26. 2022

Samsung washing machine detergent drawer full

A little bit of water in your washing machine’s detergent drawer after a cycle completes is normal. However, if a lot of water, detergent, or other additives are still left in the drawer, you should make sure your washer is level and then clean the drawer.

Note: The provided information refers to washing machines sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries. Always use HE detergent with your Samsung washing machine.

Level, clean, and run a cycle on your washing machine

If your washing machine’s detergent drawer is full of detergent or other additives after a cycle, you can use the following steps to level the washer and clean the drawer. Then, run a rinse and spin cycle.

  1. If the washer is not level, it will cause an incorrect slant in the detergent drawer, affecting how the siphons work. You will need to level the washer during installation and occasionally afterwards if it begins to shift.

  2. The detergent drawer should be cleaned periodically, or residue may build up in the siphons.

  3. Next, you can check the MAX line if you are using liquid detergent. The blue tray should be inserted into the detergent drawer, and the MAX line cap in the drawer should be pushed all the way down. This will ensure the leftover water and additives are drained properly. If the additives are too thick to dispense properly, you can dilute them with water. However, make sure to not go over the MAX line when doing so. You can also try using a different detergent.
    Note: This step only applies to liquid detergent.

  4. Max displayed in the detergent drawer on a Samsung washing machine

  5. Finally, run a rinse and spin cycle without adding detergent. This will flush water through the detergent drawer and siphons, helping to clear out excess additives. If you see soap bubbles in the wash, this is residue that is being cleaned out of the system. Keep running additional cycles until you do not see soap bubbles anymore. Not only does this keep your washer clean, but it also improves the washer's performance and helps prevent odors. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent for your load size.

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