Smart Switch

A sure and secure way to move your content to your Galaxy

When making the switch to Galaxy, you don't have to say goodbye to your old stuff. The content you were using before - your photos, settings and call history - get to stay with you on your new Galaxy.

Data transfers quickly and easily from your old device to a new Galaxy, represented by a pair of scooters zooming from left to right, one framed by the simulated bezels of an old device and another framed by the shape of a new Galaxy device. Between the two vehicles is a blurred motion effect, indicating speediness.

Smart Switch gets along with
your old device

Moving to a Galaxy from another OS isn't hard with Smart Switch. The app works with many devices, making the upgrade to Galaxy a seamless process for everyone.

On the left, an illustration of a smartphone shows the loading symbol. Arrows directed toward the new Galaxy device on the right indicate that data is being transferred. The interface of the Galaxy device shows Smart Switch copying data from the old device, with progress indicated in percentage and minutes remaining.

Switch from Android to Galaxy

Simply run the app for a step-by-step guided transfer that's thorough and secure.

Switch from iPhone/iPad to Galaxy

You can move photos, videos, contacts, calendar events, notes and more from your iPhone or iPad to Galaxy.
You can even bring your data from iCloud.

More ways to connect

Transfer, back up or restore whatever way fits you best. Make a device-to-device connection, or use a backup file from external storage.

Transfer data wirelessly from an old device to a new Galaxy.

Transfer wirelessly

Connect an old device to a new Galaxy with a USB cable.

Connect with USB cable

Restore data to a Galaxy device from your PC.

Restore from your PC

Restore data to a Galaxy device from an SD card.

Restore from an SD card