Samsung The Sero
better on TV

TV that moves to fit your content

Why not always have the best viewing perspective? The Sero moves to fit your content, landscape for TV and movies and portrait for all your mobile content and apps.The Sero always gives you the right viewing angle—rotating up for mobile contents and apps, and horizontal for movies and live TV.

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Deep, premium sound

Premium speaker 4.1ch 60W Speakers

Hit the volume when you want to. The Sero’s surprisingly powerful audio system has 4.1ch 60-watt speakers with Dolby Digital Plus. It's easy to connect to your smartphone and the speakers are almost hidden in the vertical stand, delivering premium sound throughout the room with plenty of bass.

Complimentary The Sero Wheel
The Sero wheel. So easy to move around
Just attach these wheels and add some ambiance to the room in your home that needs it the most.
The Sero Wheel
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