[Windows 8] How to change languages in Windows 8

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020



Step 1:
Windows 8 Start Screen

Drag your mouse pointer to access Charm Bar.


Step 2: 

In the search box, type “control panel.”

Click on the Control Panel icon.


Step 3:

In the ‘Viewed by’ menu, change the selection from ‘Category’ to ‘Large icon’.


Step 4:
 Click the 'Add a Language' of the 'Language'.

Select the language of the local then click ‘Add’

(In this section, continue to select ‘Korean’)


Step 5: 

Click ‘Options’ for local language.

(In this section, continue to click Korean)


Step 6:

Click ‘Download and install language pack.’

The pack will be downloaded and installed.


Step 7:

After installation is complete, click ‘Options’ for local language once again.

(In this section, continue to click ‘Korean’)


Step 8:

Click ‘Make this the primary language.’

Click ‘Log off later.’


Step 9:

Select ‘Location’ at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Click ‘Location’ tab, then ‘Home location.’


Step 10:

Select your location.

Click ‘Administrative’ tab.


Step 11:

Click ‘Change system locale…’

At ‘Change Regional Option’ window, click ‘Apply’.

Choose ‘Current system locale’, click ‘OK’ button.


Step 12:

Click ‘Cancel’ when prompted to restart the computer.


Step 13:
Click ‘Copy Settings’ button on ‘Administrative’ tab.

Select both ‘Copy your current settings to:’ check boxes at the

bottom, then click ‘OK’.


Step 14:
Click ‘Restart now’ when prompted.

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