What can I do with the loosened door latch on my washing machine?

Last Update date : Dec 14. 2020

For safety reasons, your washing machine door latch is intentionally designed to keep it slightly open. It is not a product malfunction. Find out more information about the door latch through the guide video below.

There are reasons for a loose door latch on your washing machine.

  • Safety reasons
  • User convenience reasons

The loose door latch is not a product defect or malfunction.

To support the easy opening/closing of the door, the door latch (lever) is designed to be slightly loose.

You can check the small device on the other side of the door handle.


For safety purposes

If the door of your washing machine closes easily, it will pose a hazardous risk to children, infants or pets due to a lack of air inside the drum.


For user convenience purposes

To ventilate the drum after using your washing machine the door latch is intentionally designed to keep the door slightly open.

(Do not close the door entirely)

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