5G useful tips

Last Update date : Aug 29. 2023

Q: What models of Samsung smartphones in Hong Kong currently support 5G networks?

A: The entire Galaxy S20 series can support 5G networks. Users must update their software to support 5G networks. Related software has been launched.

Q: How can I confirm that my phone has been updated and supports 5G networks?

A: On the quick panel, a new button "5G" will appear


Q: What should I do if I have not been notified of a software update?

A: You can go to Settings> Software Update> download and install related software.

Q: Can Galaxy S20 series phones support two 5G network smart cards at the same time?

A: The Galaxy S20 series now supports 5G plus 4G dual card services, but does not support dual card 5G services.

Q: Can Galaxy S20 series phones use 5G roaming services in other regions or countries?

A: Yes. The first batch of supporting countries is Mainland China (excluding Macau), and you must also apply for a 5G roaming service from your network provider. For details of other regions or countries, please pay attention to the announcements of Samsung Hong Kong and Internet providers later.

Q: Can Galaxy S20 series phones use 5G network smart cards in other regions or countries and use local 5G services?

A: This service is temporarily supported. For related service updates, please pay attention to Samsung Hong Kong's announcement later.

Q: Can Macau use 5G services?

A: Temporary supplementary support. Please pay attention and check with Macau internet providers.

* Only applicable to Hong Kong Galaxy S20 series

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