Galaxy S9/S9+ Main New features: Camera

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Super Slow-mo : Compare with Slow Motion



Slow Motion (240fps) :  Users can capture all sections of a video at 240 fps, and plays only the section with the most movements in slow motion and the rest of the sections at normal speed (30 fps). However, users can choose to play any section in slow motion after shooting.
Super Slow Mo (960fps) : Users can capture normal videos at 30 fps and only desired sections at 960 fps for 0.2 seconds and play the sections of the video captured for the 0.2 seconds over approximately 6 seconds, revealing details that couldn't be seen before.


camera slow motion 



camera super slow motion  



* Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution. Limited to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback for each shot.







Super Low Light



The application of the F1.5 aperture and Multi Frame Noise Reduction technology has improved the low-light performance by approximately 60% compared to the previous models

  ① F1.5/F2.4 Dual Aperture

    - F1.5 Aperture: The amount of light increased by 28% compared to the F1.7 aperture (functions at 100 lux or less)

  Multi-frame Noise Reduction

    - Multi Frame Noise Reduction Technology: Noise reduced by 25 - 30% compared to the previous models by combining

      multiple images into one.






* Available in F1.5 aperture mode only.

* Dual Aperture supports F1.5 and F2.4 modes. Installed on the rear camera (S9)/rear wide camera (S9+).







Dual Camera with Dual OIS9  only



Capture crisp photos & sharpen photos even with camera shake
Take clear and stable shots in the low light







* OIS stands for ‘optical image stabilization’.

* Galaxy S9 (OIS), Galaxy S9+ (Dual OIS).







Selfie Focus



Take out-of-focus Selfies in preview mode





Front (Single) Camera




Extract the Personal Area & Add Background blur effect



Selfie focus in preview




Real-time Blur effect in preview mode

 -  Existing Selective Focus does not support blur effect in preview mode




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