Galaxy S9/S9+ Main New features: Intelligent Scan (Biometric Authentication)

Last Update date : May 28. 2018

Intelligent Scan



Reinforce Usability & Securities at the same time through the face & iris analysis




 - Prevent Spoofing* by both RGB and IR sensor’s analysis





Spoofing : Using biometric data of others with the intention of bypassing authentication measures.







 - Convenient authentication without restrictions




1) Outdoor / Daylight

     - Face recognition will be used.





2) Indoor / Low-light

    - If it’s hard to recognize the face, 

       iris recognition will be used.

 face iris recognition 





3) High-security required service

    - In case of SamsungPay & SamsungPass

      Iris recognition will be used primarily

samsung pay, samsung pass  





* Accuracy of Intelligent Scan may differ depending on surrounding conditions.


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