How do I take the images with the Dual capture feature on Note8?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Dual capture feature allows you to take a Live focus photo zoomed in on the subject and a photo with a wide angle background, all in one shot.


Note: This feature is available only in Live focus mode and user cannot check the preview of main camera while using Dual capture feature


1. From the Apps list, tap Camera

2. On the preview screen, tap live focus icon to use the Live focus feature





3. Make sure the dual capture feature is activated. Both a Live focus and normal picture will be saved.


4. Tap Camera icon to take a photo





To view dual captured photos,

5. Select a photo taken with the dual capture feature





6. Tap the NORMAL PICTURES at bottom of the screen to view the photo with a wide angle background


7. A wide angle background version of the photo will appear. To save the photo as another file, tap SAVE AS NEW FILE.


To return to photo with the focus on the subject, tap the LIVE FOCUS PICTURES.







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