Where should I place speakers and subwoofer of Samsung home theatre surround sound system?

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

Last updated: 13 March, 2014



Select your seating position


The seating position should be located about 2.5 to 3 times the distance of the TV's screen size away from the TV.

For example, if you have a 46-inch screen then sit 2.92 to 3.50 meters from the screen.




Front Speakers


Place these speakers in front of your listening position, facing inwards (about 45°) toward you. Place the front speakers so that their tweeters will be at the same height as your ear. Align the front faces of the front speakers with the front face of the centre speaker, or place them slightly in front of the centre speaker.



Centre Speaker


It is best to install the centre speaker at the same height as the front speakers. You can also install it directly over or under the TV.



Surround Speaker


Place these speakers to the side of your listening position. If there isn't enough room place these speakers so they face each other. Position them about 60 to 90 cm above your ear, facing slightly downward.


Note: unlike the front and centre speakers the surround speakers are used mainly for sound effects. The surround speakers will not emit sound most of the time.





The subwoofer should be placed on the floor. Its distance from the other speakers isn't important.

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