2020 Samsung QLED TV has built-in tvspeakers which make real surround sound of the airplane.

Dynamic sound that tracks the object

Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+)

With OTS+, sound travels more dynamically than ever as it follows an object's movement around the screen. Its built-in speakers give sound the freedom it needs to move and be where it sounds best, for a completely lifelike, three-dimensional sound experience.

On an open body of water, an overhead wideshotview shows a boat circling counterclockwise before exiting the upper left side of the screen. Object Tracking Sound Plus lets the boat's sounds be heard directly from the boat's relative screen location as it moves around the screen. An animated ripple graphic is superimposed onto the moving boat to visualize the accuracy of Object Tracking Sound Plus for users who may have turned down their device's volume.

Clear dialogue
in any condition

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)

It's simple. Active Voice Amplifier identifies, in real-time, potentially distracting noises around you. It then automatically boosts the volume, adding clarity to voices or dialogue coming from the TV. You may not be able to watch in peace and quiet, but at least you won't miss anything important.

The soundwave displays showing that QLED TV is detecting noise of vacuum on the right side and optimizing the voice of TV to deliver clear voice using active voice amplifier.
A partial closeup of a QLED TV is shown from a semi-side angle view. The on-screen image shows an older woman speaking to her colleague at work. To illustrate Active Voice Amplifier, an animated graphic over the woman speaking enlarges in size as the noise around her increases. A vacuum cleaner animation and an audio wave animation play simultaneously off-screen and to the right of the pictured QLED TV. Active Voice Amplifier automatically increases dialogue volume when necessary.

Real-time sound adjustments

Adaptive Sound+

QLED analyzes each scene in real-time to identify and render the sound type. The process begins by separating and classifying audio input signals.
Key characteristics are then pulled out and rendered to best suit the scene.

QLED analyzes each scene in real-time to identify and render the sound type. The process begins by separating and classifying audio input signals. Key characteristics are then pulled out and rendered to best suit the scene.

Each type of room affects sound acoustics differently. QLED's unique sound sensor uses Audio Spatial Intelligence to analyze room and installation type, through reflection of the TV sound and then optimizes your audio in real-time. Simply set your QLED TV where you want, and let it determine the perfect sound for you.

A 2020 QLED TV being turned on in a living room, while one person sitting on a sofa across from it with a remote in the hand views the TV. A soundwave graphic displays showing how the AI sound of Samsung QLED TV delivers better sound quality in your room through waves sent out to ascertain the dimensions of the space the TV is in. A illustrator shows two waves which are TV original sound and reflection of TV sound as same as the image.

TV and soundbar, a synergy of sound


QLED TV's speakers sync in harmony with your Samsung soundbar. Connect and enjoy a masterfully integrated surround sound experience that includes your soundbar'sfront, side, and up-firing speakers, and is even further enhanced by the two high-positioned locations of your TV's top speakers.

* Feature availability varies by model.
* This feature requires a Q-Symphony compatible Samsung Soundbar.
A simulated comparison of QLED 2020 Q-Symphony audio technology shows two identical living room environments side-by-side, each with a man sitting in front of a QLED TV and soundbar. On the left side, Q-Symphony audio is turned OFF and the sound comes from only the soundbar. On the right side, Q-Symphony is turned ON and in addition to the soundbar, sound also plays from the top two corners of the QLED TV, resulting in a more immersive audio experience.

The best matched soundbar with QLED

Samsung soundbar which can express more advanced surround tv sound of QLED 8K is placed below the Q800T.

Developed, engineered and tested inside our state-of-the-art Samsung Audio Lab in California, QLED 2020's audio experience delivers the finest in sound quality and technology.
With proven innovations such as OTS+, AVA, and Q Symphony, Samsung continues to take TV audio to new heights.