What can I do with the Watch3?

What can I do with the Watch3?

With the Watch3 you can control your day directly from your wrist. Galaxy Watch3 lets you check your schedule, message your mates, and pay for your morning coffee without reaching for your phone or wallet.

Read on to find out more about some of the great features you can carry on your wrist. Or, if you want to find out more about the specifications of the Watch3, you can find out about how it compares against other Watch models here.

You can also download the manual for your Galaxy Watch3 from Samsung Support.

Call & Text on another device

When your phone is connected to your watch through a Bluetooth connection, you can answer calls and send texts through your watch.

Please note: Call & Text on other device is only available for BT versions. Your watch and smartphone must be signed into the same Samsung account and have a network connection

When responding to messages, you can now view sent images through your Watch3. You can also browse through your chat history, helping you stay on top of your life at all times.

Smart reply

If you receive a text, the Watch3 will automatically suggest a response based on the context of the message. 

AR Emoji

You can now reply to messages using your avatar stickers. This includes AR Emoji and Bitmoji through the Samsung Message app. Find out more about AR Emoji and how to use it.

Please note: AR Emoji and Bitmoji are only available when sending messages through the Samsung Message app

You can set your Watch3 to give you different briefings, including a morning briefing, evening briefing, mindfulness briefing and global days with special meanings.

Morning briefing

This briefing provides you with the date, weather, schedule, reminders, battery status and other information.

Evening briefing

This briefing provides you with overdue reminders, today's health statistics, tomorrow's weather, battery status and other information.

Mindfulness briefings

Your Watch can monitor your daily stress levels and suggest breathing exercises when your stress level is high.

Global with special meanings

Your Watch can let you know when a globally recognised day is taking place. This includes UN and WHO events.

Follow the steps below to activate daily briefings.

1 Open the Settings app on your connected smartphone
2 Tap Accounts and backup
3 Tap Accounts
4 Tap Samsung account
5 Tap Privacy
6 Tap Customisation Service
7 Turn on Customisation Service

If your Watch3 is connected to a compatible smartphone, you can take the perfect shot by using the display to check the camera composition and by zooming in and out using the rotating bezel.

Please note: you will need to download an additional app to use this feature.

The camera controller is compatible with the following devices: 

  • S9 series
  • Note9
  • S10 series
  • Note10 series
  • S20 series
  • Note20 series
  • Fold
  • Z Flip series

Once your smartphone and watch are connected, you can control music playback using the shortcut on the watch face. This provides seamless cross-device control with your smartphone, Buds+ and watch.

You can use the music controller to open the music app or Spotify controller.

You can use your watch to control PowerPoint files that are playing though your PC or phone. The PowerPoint controller supports touch pad mode and the timer setting.

Bixby is a virtual assistant that helps to make your daily tasks easier. Bixby can be used to send messages, create reminders, support you through your exercise, and loads more.

Find out more about using Bixby.

Samsung Pay on your watch allows you to leave your wallet at home. You can use Samsung Pay on your watch to pay using your registered cards. 

Please note: Samsung Pay may not be available in all countries.

The Samsung Health Monitor allows you to check your blood pressure and ECG, anywhere anytime.

Before you can start measuring your blood pressure and using the ECG function, you must set up your profile and calibrate your Galaxy Watch.

1 Ensure that your Galaxy Watch supports Samsung Health Monitor.
2 Ensure that your Galaxy Watch is paired via Bluetooth with the Galaxy smartphone.
3 Connect your Galaxy Watch to the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone to update to the latest software.
4 If Samsung Health Monitor is installed on your Galaxy Watch, open the app and follow the on-screen set-up instructions.

Please note: Samsung Health Monitor is supported on Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch Active2 and later released Galaxy Watch and Active models (excluding Galaxy Fit)

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