Benefits of UTR Compressor

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020




SAMSUNG’s Power-packed Ultra Tropical Rotary Compressor is capable of delivering cool air in the hottest day almost instantly as you put it on. UTR Compressor maximises energy efficiency of your Air-conditioner by up to 10 % and at the same time lowers energy consumption.


Longer Life: The main components of this Compressor are made of extra durable materials and are specially coated to enhance the life of UTR Compressor.


Light Weight: 30 % Lighter than Reciprocating Compressor. This makes Easy Maintenance of the Compressor.


High-Efficiency Compressor: 5-10 % higher EER over Reciprocating Compressors ensures Increased Energy Efficiency, Higher Efficiency and Less Power Consumption.


High Torque Motor: This feature ensures Compressor to withstand heavy load and low voltage conditions. The overload protector helps suppress internal heat built up and prevents damage. 

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