Function of Bionizer.

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Bionizer(Negative ion Generator) :




● The Samsung Bionizer generates the ions, filling in the room with these invisible ions, helping us to rejuvenate and enjoy the pure breath of life.

● As a result of a negative discharge system using a needle-type electrode, about 400,000 negative ions/cc (when measured 1m from the air-conditioner outlet) are generated without producing ozone, which can be harmful to the body.

● Researchers have discovered that it is impossible for people to achieve optimal performance in an environment of 1,000 negative ions/cc or less.  

● The interior of an average home has been measured as having only 100 negative ions/cc, whereas workplaces such as office buildings and factories have even more harmful air, measuring an average of only 25-50 negative ions/cc.

● Measured 1m from the air conditioner outlet, the Samsung Bionizer (Negative Ion Generator) produces 400,000 negative ions/cc, allowing the entire family to benefit from the health-enhancing clean air. 

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