How to turn the door alarm on and off on the refrigerator?

Last Update date : Nov 01. 2022
Door Alarm

  • You can set the alarm for a reminder. If the door is left open for more than 2 minutes, the alarm will sound with the alarm indicator blinking. The alarm is enabled by factory default. To disable the alarm, press Door Alarm (05 see in above pic).
  • To enable, press Door Alarm again. If the door is left open for 5 minutes, internal lights (in the fridge and freezer) will blink for 10 seconds and then turn on. This will be repeated every minute for 5 minutes. This is to alert hearing-impaired users that a door is open and it is normal.
How to turn the door alarm on/off on the Family Hub model.

Step 1. Tap Apps, open the Fridge Manager app and then tap Fridge Settings.

tap fridge manager settings

Step 2. Tap Door Alarm Deactivate and then tap Proceed.

tap door alarm deactibate

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