Refrigerator: Sounds and Operational Noises

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020


It's normal for your fridge to make sounds when it's performing certain operations. The following examples explain what the noises are and why they occur.


1 Cracking and Popping Sounds


•   The plastic parts of the refrigerator contract and expand as the temperature of the refrigerator rises and falls, causing cracking noises. 


•   This usually happens during the defrosting cycle. This cannot be eliminated with service. It is a characteristic of all refrigerators, not just Samsung refrigerators.


2 Buzzing and Humming Sounds


•   This is the sound of water filling the ice maker, or the sound of the compressor. The compressor will automatically turn on and off. It will run at varying speeds as needed, but is generally very quiet.


Note: To avoid damage, turn off the ice maker if a water line is not connected.

3 Beeping or Chiming Sounds


•   An alarm will sound when the door is not closed. If the doors are closed and the display is blinking, look for an error code.

4 Blowing and Whistling Sounds


•   This sound comes from the refrigerator's circulation fans. It's rare, but normal.

5 Hissing Sounds


•   Water dripping onto the defrost heater makes a hissing or sizzling sound.

6 Bubbling and Gurgling Sounds


•   Refrigerant moving through the changes from liquid to gas and back again. This makes the bubbling sound.

7 Banging Sounds


              •  As ice falls from the ice maker into the bucket, it sounds a lot like building blocks tumbling onto a wooden table.



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