Using the crusty plate in Samsung Microwave Oven

Last Update date : Jul 05. 2022

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With the Crusty Plate you can enjoy crispy and crunchy foods. It evenly bakes and browns the top and bottom of frozen or leftover foods like pizza and chicken nuggets. You can also bake and fry without oil. This crusty plate allows you to brown food not only on the top with the grill, but also the bottom of the food turns crispy and brown due to the high temperature of the crusty plate.

Using the crusty plate in Samsung Microwave Oven(MC28M6055C)

The crusty plate can also be used for bacon, eggs, sausages, etc.

1 Place the crusty plate directly on the turntable and preheat it with highest Microwave-Grill-Combination [450 W + Grill] by following the times and instructions in the chart.
2 Brush the plate with oil if you are cooking food, such as bacon and eggs, in order to brown the food nicely.
3 Place the food on the crusty plate.
4 Place the crusty plate on the metal rack (or turntable) in the microwave.
5 Select the appropriate cooking time and power.


● Always use oven gloves to take out the crusty plate, as will become very hot. 
● Do not place any objects on the crusty plate that are not heat-resistant. 
● Never place the crusty plate in the oven without turntable. 
● Please note that the crust plate is not dish washer-safe. 


● Please note that the crusty plate has a Teflon layer which is not scratch resistant. Do not use any sharp objects like a knife to cut on the crusty plate. 
● Clean the crusty plate with warm water and detergent and rinse off with clean water. 
● Do not use a scrubbing brush or a hard sponge otherwise the top layer will be damaged.

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