What to do when vegetables in the drawer are frozen?

Last Update date : Oct 26. 2020


When vegetable in the drawer is frozen here are the steps to resolve this issue:


·  Fresh zone is specialized drawer for meat and fish to be stored fresher   


·  Store the vegetable to other part like vegetable box


·  Store the moisture food away air duct


·  We recommend to keep vegetable with airtight container.


·  Do not store the moisture food close to air hole. Cold air from hole will make frost on the moisture food.


·  Food Stuffing Issue: Use ON/OFF method to solve issue caused by improper stuffing of food arrangements


Method 1: Switch off the refrigerator for4 hours. Clean the complete refrigerator using lime or vinegar.


Method 2: Switch on the refrigerator by keeping it in desired cooling position and advice to run the refrigerator in no load condition for atleast 45mins to 1 hour for proper cooling air circulation.


Note: After running the refrigerator in no load condition, arrange the food items by providing proper space between them.



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