Galaxy S8 Plus: How to connect Smart devices via Smart things applications?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

You can view the status of your Smart appliances, TVs, and IoT products from your smartphone’s screen. You can group devices by location and add rules to control the devices easily and conveniently.


Navigate to Apps → Samsung Folder → Samsung Connect → SIGN IN → "+" → ADD → Add device manually → My Devices → More → Add Place → ADD  


Pictorial representation of the above settings are as follows :  

a). To register devices, access the Samsung folder and launch the Samsung Connect app.



b). If you do not sign in your Samsung account yet , sign in to get the most out of Samsung Connect. This service accesses your location, contacts, storage, accounts, phone, audio, and camera. Or, you can also skip this step.


.     . 

c). Tap "+" icon.



d). Select a device from the list. To manually register devices, select a device type under ADD DEVICE MANUALLY.


.      .  

e). Follow the on-screen instructions to register devices.


f). You can view and control your registered devices. For example, you can check your washing machine’s timer or adjust your air conditioner’s temperature. Tap My devices. The list of registered devices will appear.


g). View the status of devices and control them using the provided functions for each device.

h). For more convenient managements of registered devices, please assign locations to devices, view the list of devices in a same location, and control them. You can also add a mode to a location to control multiple devices at the same time. 



i). Tap More menu and select add place.


.     . 


j). Enter the location name and tap ADD.




k). Tick devices on the devices list and tap MOVE. Selected devices will be added to the locations page.



l). To view the list of devices by location, swipe to the left or right.


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