M Series: Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

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Does M series support Dual Sim?

Yes, M- series (M10, M20, M30) phones have Dual Sim option.

What kind of material is used for back case of M10 & M20?

Material used for Back case in both the models is Polycarbonate (Plastic).

What kind of display is used in M series (AMOLED or LCD)? 

LCD (TFT) display is used in (M10 & M20) and Super Amoled display is used in M30.

What kind of Charging is supported in M series?

M series have different charging type –


M10 (SM-M105F) – B Type


M20 (SM-M205F) – C Type


M30 (SM-M305F) – C Type

Does M series support Samsung Pass application?

M series (M10, M20 & M30) does not support Samsung Pass application.

Does Samsung provide any one time screen replacement offer for M series?

Currently there is no screen replacement offer available for M series, kindly visit M Series. 

How long does it take to fully charge Galaxy M20 Mobile?

It takes approximately 150 minutes to completely charge Galaxy M20 mobile.

Does M series have LED indicator? 

M series mobiles do not have LED indicator.

Do M series support 5G network? 

M Series do not support 5G networks.

Is there any cash back offer for M series?

For all offers related to M series, kindly visit Samsung M Series or Amazon.

Will there be any exchange offer on M series?

For all offers related to M series, kindly visit Samsung M Series or Amazon.

Are M series gorilla glass protected devices?

M series devices are not gorilla glass protected.

How can customers raise their M series issues with Amazon (Sales/Service/Product)?

M series mobiles are quality tested devices hence you would not face such issues however, If there are issues within 10 days of purchase, customers are required to contact Amazon Customer Service.


Post 10 days of purchase, customer can contact Samsung customer service.

Does M series support AFC (Adaptive fast charging)? 

Adaptive fast charging is available in M20 & M30 device.

Is there Bixby on the devices?

Bixby feature is not available in M series (M10, M20 & M30).

What’s inside the box of M Series?

Inside your M series, you will find below items


● SIM Ejector Pin

● Travel adaptor

● Data cable

● User Manual

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