What are the Precondition to activate Auto Call forwarding feature automatically?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020


Auto Call forwarding feature will automatically be activated when there is no Bluetooth connection between the Gear and Mobile device. Since some preconditions are needed to activate the Auto call forwarding, please check whether or not you had done prior setting.




Precondition to activate Auto Call forwarding feature automatically :


● You should wear the Gear on your wrist to automatically activate this feature.

● Samsung account should be signed in and Remote connection feature is enabled on your device since your Gear must be connected to your mobile device remotely, using Mobile data or Wi-Fi together with your Samsung account via Remote connection feature.

● You need a prior subscription for call forwarding service via the Service Provider.

● A mobile device subscription may be required and you may incur additional charges to access this feature depending on the service provider.

● When call forwarding is enabled, it will remain available whether or not the Gear is connected to the mobile device.


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