What if the device freezes or has fatal errors(SM-Z130H)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Sometimes while using the phone, your device may get Freezed or Hang while using. There are several possible reasons that causes this problem.




To overcome from this issue, you can refer the below mentioned resolutions :


● You may need to close apps which are running in the background. You can close the apps by pressing the home key for long.  

● Turn off the device and turn it on again. Press the power key for long and then tap on restart. 

● If your device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Power button and the Volume button down simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it.  

● You can perform a factory data reset.  


NOTE : Before performing the factory data reset, take the backup of all important data stored in the device.   


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