What is Air view feature of S Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note2(GT-N7100)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Air view is one of the key features of S-pen in Samsung Galaxy Note-II. When the pen nib is held near the screen for a while , the air view feature will appear. Conveniently and quickly browse your pictures without having to open any folders. Air View saves you time, energy, and makes it easier to manage your life’s contents.




Note: Hover the pen near the screen to avail the following features as described below.




a) When the pen nib is near the screen , the air view pointer is shown on the screen.




b) When there is air view information , the pointer will look like the image below.




Icon Labels(by pen nib)


a) Also when the pen nib hovers near an icon for a while , a label pop-up will be shown.




List scrolling


a) When the pen nib hovers near the edge of the screen for a while, the list will scroll.




Zoom in


a) When the pen nib hovers near the image for a while, it will become the zoom control.


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