What is Dual SIM Manager in Samsung REX 90(GT-S5292)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Your Samsung REX 90 (GT-S5292) supports Dual SIM Mode that allows the use of two networks without changing the SIM Card. Dual SIM Manager is a settings option in your Samsung REX 90 that helps you to manage two SIM Cards simultaneously. The options present in Dual SIM Manager are mentioned below:  




Smart Dual SIM : By Smart Dual SIM  ,you don’t need to worry about missing calls anymore! If you get a call from SIM 2 while you’re already on a call with SIM 1, Smart Dual SIM (if enabled) will catch the call & forward it to SIM 1.  

Click here to know how to enable Smart Dual SIM in Samsung REX 90


Register : You can register your SIM card. Give SIM card a name and the icon will be used for distinguishing your SIM cards.

Click here to know how to enable SIM Auto Switch in Samsung REX 90.

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