Why does some Mobile Application Download stop midway in Samsung Smartphones?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Download is a term used to describe the process of retrieving data from any store over a network. The term download is often associated with downloading an application from an Internet that can be installed and run on your mobile device. There are several causes to why a download may fail before it has completed download in your Samsung device. 



( Downloading Error )


Causes of failure : 


Lost Internet connection : If your device lose connection to the Internet for any reason for any amount of time the download will fail.


Lost connection with the server : If your connection between your mobile device and the server from where you're downloading the file is interrupted or lost it will cause your download to fail.


Connection times out : If the file is being sent at or received below the servers threshold the server will time out the file because it is taking too long. This could be caused because the server is overloaded, your Internet connection is slow, or overall Internet is slow.  

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