Can Samsung DVD remote control be used for the TV as well?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Samsung DVD player remote controls can operate most TV's.


Samsung TV's

To operate your TV using the DVD player remote if you have a Samsung TV, press the [TV] button on the top of the remote, and then use the remote normally. You do not have to program a code into the remote.




Non-Samsung TV's

If your TV is not a Samsung TV, you must program a code for your brand of television into the DVD player remote control.  For programming instructions and a list of TV codes, see your DVD player's owner's manual.  If you do not have the owner’s manual.


NOTE :  If your manual does not have a list of codes or any information about programming the remote control, the remote control is not programmable.  Also, if your brand of television does not appear in the list of TV codes in your manual, you can not program your DVD player remote to operate your TV.

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