Plasma vs. LCD

Last Update Date : Mar 21. 2018

Plasma TV :




Advantages :


● Larger screen size availability.

● Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks.

● Better color accuracy and saturation.


Disadvantages : 


● Plasma TVs are more susceptible to burn-in of static images.

● Plasma TVs generate more heat than LCDs, due to the need to light of phosphors to create the images.

● Does not perform as well at higher altitudes.

● Shorter display life span (about 30,000 hours or 8 hrs of viewing a day for 9 years) than LCD. However, screen life span is improving to as high as 60,000 hours due to technology improvements.





Advantages :


● No burn-in of static images.

● Cooler running temperature.

● No high altitude use issues.

● Increased image brightness over Plasma. Longer display life (about 60,000 hours).This can vary according to other environmental and use factors.

● Lighter weight (when comparing same screen sizes) than Plasma counterparts.


Disadvantages :


● Lower contrast ratio, not as good rendering deep blacks.

● Not as good at tracking motion (fast moving objects may exhibit lag artifacts).

● Not as common in large screen sizes above 42-inches as Plasma.  

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