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3 ways you can create a healthy home

Enjoy your home knowing it is being kept clean and tidy for you.

* Product availability and specifications may vary by country

Over the last couple of years, we’ve become more aware of our surroundings with many of us taking steps to improve the atmosphere of our homes.

We buy plants to freshen rooms, or resort to smarter, cleaner storage spaces, as well as engaging more frequently with vacuuming. With the Air Purifier, AirDresser and our Samsung Jet™ vacuum cleaner, you can help improve the ambiance of your home as well as create a cleaner environment.

Focus on the invisible

All too often, we focus on one aspect of a home while forgetting about others. After all, we must take care of what we can see and what we can’t.

The air around us is vital to our sense of comfort. Those who suffer from hay fever and allergies know this only too well. We often use plants as a way to clean the air in our homes, however the Air Purifier is an even better way to help make the air in your home cleaner.

It’s a wind-free solution to getting rid of allergens and dust lingering around your home.

* Product availability and specifications may vary by country

Stay fresh

* Product availability and specifications may vary by country

When you arrive home at the end of a day, you might not realize how dirt and lingering smells have built up on your clothes. Rather than trying to clean these before you enter your home or washing them constantly, the AirDresser offers a convenient solution.

By easily storing all your everyday outdoor wear, it lifts the worry of constant maintenance and removes any musty odors, so your clothes will stay fresh, ready for the next time you need them.

Ready, Jet, Go!

Another way to keep a healthy home is through frequent vacuuming. You’d be surprised at how much clean carpets can affect the mood of a household.

This is why the Samsung Jet™ is a great help. Not only does its elegant design make it easy to store, it has up to 200W suction power and a lightweight body with an extendable nozzle, allowing you to clean those hard-to-reach areas, making cleaning much simpler.*

Healthy homes on Instagram

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Ready to get started?

Change your surroundings to nurture a healthy and happy home.

* Suction power may vary by models.

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