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The Future of WFH:
Work from Anywhere

When all you need is Wi-Fi®, it’s easier than ever to live like a digital nomad. Here’s how to work remotely the right way.

As WFH has become the new normal for many, some of us could use a change of scenery to refresh our work from home routine. Luckily, with the right remote working tips and tools, you no longer have to limit yourself to the same familiar quarters. Here’s how to work from anywhere—and get it all done seamlessly.

Stay connected, even from afar

Ever wonder what it would be like to work from a cozy cabin in the woods or at a tiny beachside house undisturbed? Even though travelling can seem tricky right now, there are still plenty of options for a temporary homebase away from home. If you’re settling into a fairly remote area where you may experience hiccups in your Internet signal, tap into features like Auto Hotspot on the Tab S7, which will tether mobile data or a WiFi connection from your phone. Perfect for that can’t-miss project check-in or presentation call with your client.

Hint: Just switch on Auto Hotspot within your connection settings under Mobile Hotspot and Tethering on your Galaxy Note20. Then, head into your WiFi settings on your secondary device (such as your tablet). You’ll see that your phone is already listed as a WiFi network. Tap the hotspot to connect to it.

Break time on the big screen
Where you’re going, you don’t need TVs. Take a break and tune into your favourite Netflix episode via Bixby, hands-free.

Stretch your productivity across screens

The struggle of not having a desktop monitor is real. But for the sake of travelling, your tablet can serve as a portable second screen. Use your Samsung Notes app to jot down notes from your virtual meetings that you recorded on your Galaxy Note20. Then, blow up and expand on your ideas by copying and pasting them directly onto your Tab S7 to continue where you left off. Need to transfer folders or multiple files? Connect your phone and tablet to Samsung Flow to share content across both of your devices.

*Samsung Flow: Subject to device compatibility. Applicable to Samsung Galaxy Smartphones with Android Marshmallow OS (6.0) and higher. Compatible devices must be connected via Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi® and logged in to the same Samsung Account.
*Netflix: Subscription charges may apply.

Create a wish list to maximise free time

Lists are a foolproof way to bring order out of chaos and increase efficiency. Stay on top of your tasks for the day by creating two lists: one for to-do’s and one for things you’d like to do more of. The second can involve anything you’d like to dig into when the workday is done—whether it’s exploring your new surroundings or even whipping up that fancy coffee drink you found online. Then, set up your tasks with midday reminders and sync them across both your Galaxy Note20 and your Tab S7 (in case you get distracted from surfing on one device). Having a wish list of things to do in both categories can provide a sense of accountability to help you stay on task and give you something exciting to work towards.

If you need help getting into the zone in your new space, use the Active Noise Cancellation feature on your Galaxy Buds Live. Whether you're tuning in to an ambient playlist while you work or answering important calls, the earbuds will reduce the amount of background noise flowing in, so you can better focus on knocking off those to-do items wherever you are.

Change the way you work and play

Wherever you go, make the most of your time on and off the grid with these devices.

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