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Fear ends where courage begins.

#BeFearless was created to encourage people to overcome their fears and inspire confidence in all they do. Our project was designed to help you gradually overcome two of the most common fears, heights and public speaking.

Join us today.

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Train At Home

Go to the Oculus Gear VR Store to download any of the following apps and you can get started on your journey right away.

Our Apps

#BeFearless Fear of Public Speaking App
If public speaking is your challenge, we have developed life-like scenarios, from job interviews and presentations to casual conversations and even karaoke, to help you face your fear virtually.
#BeFearless Fear of Heights App
Take on your fear of heights with a wide range of situations, from cityscapes to landscapes, to gain exposure to heights with varying degrees of difficulty.


  • #BeFearless App Download Step 1 STEP 1 Attach Samsung smartphone to Samsung Gear VR.
  • #BeFearless App Download Step 2 STEP 2 Select “Store” in home screen.
  • #BeFearless App Download Step 3 STEP 3 Swipe through apps and locate Fear of Heights or Fear of Public Speaking.
  • #BeFearless App Download Step 4 STEP 4 Go to “Library” and run the app.


These tutorial films will help you get set up and show you around the app.

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Fear of Heights

  • VR App Set-up Guide


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