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Choosing the right phone
for your gaming needs

Do you enjoy gaming on your Samsung mobile phone? If you do, you join many other Samsung phone users who use their devices to play a variety of games on the go! But did you know that your gaming experience can vary based on the mobile device you are using?

While most Samsung phones can support some form of gaming, from your simple kids' games to the more advanced role-playing games (RPG), it is quite important to choose the right phone to enjoy the best mobile gaming experience! So what should you look out for?

The higher the resolution, the better your gaming experience!


Screen display

It is recommended that you should have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 – and Samsung’s got you covered there! The Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Galaxy S22 Ultra offer you a resolution of 2176 x 1812 or 3088 x 1440 respectively.

You’ll also want a mobile device with a high PPI or pixel density as it will offer enhanced clarity and vibrancy, heightening your gaming experience.


Processing power

If you game, you’ll know that the processing power of your mobile device is very important. You will want a processor that can handle your graphics, and support intensive games with high-resolution videos. Therefore it is important to choose a phone that enables that. For example, the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Galaxy S22 Ultra feature an Octa-core processor, meaning you can enjoy your gaming smoothly without having to worry about your battery draining out too quickly!


Random Access Memory (RAM)

The bigger the RAM, the better your gaming experience. With a higher RAM, your phone will not need to keep loading from flash memory, so your gaming graphics can be more intensive. This makes RAM a crucial component as it prevents you from glitches and lags during your game, which can be truly frustrating for any gamer.

For example, the Galaxy A53 5G comes with a massive 16GB virtual RAM, making it perfect for gamers because it promises a lag-free gaming experience. You can even add 8GB virtual RAM to elevate your gameplay on the phone!


Refresh rate

Higher refresh rates promise you a more immersive gaming experience – meaning you can enjoy realistic animations, crystal-clear displays, and smoother scrolling. This makes for highly responsive gameplay and is what many professional gamers are after.

Our range of Samsung phones, including the Galaxy A73, Galaxy S21 FE, and Galaxy Z Fold4, amongst others, offer you a refresh rate of 120Hz. This means your mobile phone screen can refresh itself 120 times per second!

While the majority of Samsung phones can support some form of gameplay, from card games to intense role-playing games (RPG), we recommend that you select a phone that best suits your gaming personality.

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Gaming tip


Use the Game Launcher to enjoy all the games you want in one place!
Game Launcher allows you to quickly and easily organise all your downloaded games. You can conveniently resume your recently played games or enjoy Instant Plays games that do not require installation.
Follow the guide below to activate and use Game Launcher on your Samsung devices.