Grand Finale Winners

From sustainability to inclusivity, learn about the winning teams' ideas for social change.

Post-secondary winners


1st prize: Republic Polytechnic

SUSKIN is an all-vegan, sustainable alternative to leather that is made from converting food waste to textile through biomaterials engineering.

  • Sokwei Wong
  • Ong Kai Lin
Teacher Mentor:
Amanda Cheok

2nd prize: Republic Polytechnic

Bam-Boots created a cost-effective, lightweight bamboo prosthetic designed to allow individuals with leg amputations to move around easily.

  • Mohamed Iskandar Iqbal
  • Muhammad Shaquille Ramadan Sidek
  • Freddy Low
  • Farah Amirah Bte Jumadi
Teacher Mentor:
Wen Shing Leong


3rd prize: Temasek Junior College

TechBoards built a mobile app with machine learning capabilities to support technicians in accurate circuit board diagnosis, thereby reducing e-waste.

  • Tan Zhi Ying
  • Yu Le Xuan
Teacher Mentor:
Choo Jun Jie

People’s Choice award:

Republic Polytechnic – SUSKIN

University winners


1st prize: National University of Singapore

JBSamsung created DeafSpeak, a three-part programme designed to aid hearing-impaired children in learning and development.

  • Zhang Zhiyao
  • Hu Jia Jun

2nd prize: National University of Singapore

LIBERO designed a smart, convertible wheelchair-walker that provides the elderly with safe mobility and greater independence.

  • Ong Wai Boon
  • Cindy Evangeline
  • Mohamed Rizwan S/O Sahabudeen

3rd prize: National University of Singapore

Movelei constructed a gamified fitness machine that encourages physical exercise while facilitating social interaction and cognitive engagements for the elderly.

  • Lim Zhipeng
  • Clement Tan
  • Wong Qi Hui
  • Heng Meng Pei

People’s Choice award:

National University of Singapore – JBSamsung