Communication with Disney AR Emojis for Galaxy S9/S9+

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022
A new level of self-expression and communication with Disney AR Emojis for Galaxy S9/S9+

Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji is an industry-first smartphone feature that gives you the ability to transform yourself into an avatar right off the devices' camera. With the momentous partnership with Disney, Samsung brings all-time favourite Disney characters to life in an augmented reality setting.

Iconic cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse can now be downloaded as new AR Emojis. More well-loved Disney characters will soon be made available throughout the year, including those in Frozen, Zootopia and The Incredibles. Disney AR Emojis will bring charm and magic to the way you interact and get your message across in this modern digital age.

"With more than 6 billion emojis sent daily, our goal with developing AR Emoji was to provide a fun, exciting way to communicate and a new way to bring animated images to life," said Younghee Lee, CMO and Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics.
"We knew there was no one better to partner with than Disney – creator of some of the most beloved characters in history – to make our AR Emojis the happiest faces on earth and give our users access to the most popular characters to share with friends across platforms."

How to download and install Mickey and Minnie AR Emoji on your Galaxy S9/S9+
1 Launch the Camera app and use the Camera icon to switch to the Front Camera
Tap Camera app

Tap Camera app

Switch to Front Camera

Switch to Front Camera

2 On the preview screen, tap AR EMOJI
Tap AR Emoji

Tap AR Emoji

3 Tap + button
Tap Plus sign

Tap plus sign

4 Select the Mickey Mouse and Friends sticker pack to take you to the Galaxy Apps store
Select the preferred Disney sticker

Select the preferred Disney sticker

5 Tap DOWNLOAD and wait to finish
Tap Download

Tap Download

6 Tap back button twice to go back to the Camera preview
7 Tap Mickey Mouse icon and choose between Mickey and Minnie Mouse
8 Tap centred icon to take a photo or record icon to take a video. The sticker will move along with your face's movements and angle
Disney sticker will move along with your face's movements and angle

Transform yourself into Disney Avatar 

Be it for self-expression or communication, it's a whole new experience for kids and adults alike with Disney AR Emoji for the Galaxy S9/S9+ devices.

How to create Disney AR Emojis on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

For the uninitiated, the AR Emoji camera mode creates an animated version of yourself that tracks the movements and expressions of your face.

• Take a photo or record a video of you in character and send it via the Messages app and other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

• Download the Disney characters from the Galaxy Apps where you can find cool stickers as well.


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