How to use Samsung Galaxy Note9 S Pen with the DeX Cable?

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

The Note9 S Pen can be used as a remote control due to its Bluetooth connection. Connect your Mobile Device to an external screen, such as a monitor or TV, to use these functions. Learn how to connect your Note9 to a screen using DeX.

Use as a drawing pad

1 Connect the Galaxy Note9 to a screen via the DeX Cable
2 Tap Switch to screen mirror
3 Open a drawing App , such a PENUP, and start drawing or writing on the screen of your Galaxy Note9. Your notes and images are mirrored on the connected screen
Mirroring painting on the screen

Use remotely with Bluetooth

Improve the quality of your presentations by controlling the screen with the S Pen button. Thanks to the S Pen’s Bluetooth function, you can use it to switch between slides or play and pause videos and music with a simple click.

Furthermore, you have the option to personalise the functions of the S Pen button through settings. Select which actions you want to perform, such as opening Apps and folders by holding down the S Pen button.

Find out how to customise the remote control settings of the S Pen button.

Press the S Pen button to play and pause

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