How to change Watch Face for Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Last Update date : Apr 08. 2021

You can customise the watch face of your Samsung Galaxy Watch to suit your various styles.

Change watch face through the watch

Choose basic watch face themes

1 When on your watch face screen, touch and hold the screen to enter Edit mode
Watch face edit mode
2 Rotate the bezel or swipe left/right to your desired watch face
Watch face edit mode
3 Tap on watch face design to select it. Your watch face should now be changed to one you selected

Further customisation of each theme

You can further customise each of the basic watch face themes available. Different watch faces may have different features.

1 While in Edit Mode, swipe to your desired watch face and tap on Customize
Watch face edit mode
2 Swipe left/right to browse each customisable feature
Watch face edit mode
Watch face edit mode
3 Rotate the bezel to scroll between the various choices for each feature
Watch face edit mode
4 Tap OK when done. The new customised watch face will now be shown

Download more watch faces

1 Press the Home button and tap on Galaxy Store icon
Galaxy store icon
2 Scroll through to find and tap on Watch faces
Tap on watch faces
3 Rotate the bezel or swipe up/down to find your desired watch face, and then tap Install.
Note that you may be asked to allow permissions for certain features depending on the respective watch face.
Install watch face
4 Wait for installation to complete. Once done, tap Apply
5 Your installed watch face should now be displayed
Change watch face through Galaxy Wearables App

You can also change/customise your watch face using your Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device.

Change or customise watch face

1 Launch Galaxy Wearable app
Galaxy Wearable app icon
2 Tap on the Watch Faces tab at the bottom
Galaxy wearable app
3 Swipe up/down and left/right to browse through the various watch faces. Tap to select the one you want.
Your watch face will change according to the one you select through your mobile device
4 Tap on Customize for more customisation options

Download more watch faces

1 Watch faces with a download icon must be downloaded before you can use them
Download watch face
2 Tap on a watch face to download it. You may receive a prompt to allow permissions depending on the type of watch face
Download watch face
3 After the download is complete, you can apply the new watch face to your Galaxy Watch by tapping on it
Download watch face
Customise watch face with a photo

To apply a photo as your watch face after importing a photo from your Mobile Device, follow these steps: 

1 On your mobile device, launch the Galaxy Wearable app
Galaxy Wearable app icon
2 Tap on the Watch faces tab at the bottom
Watch faces tab
3 Swipe down and tap on My Photo+
My Photo plus
4 Tap on Customize . You can either take a photo or select a photo from your Gallery
My Photo plus

Change photo using the watch

1 Tap and hold the watch screen and rotate the bezel or swipe left/right to find the My Photo+ watch face and tap Customize
Tap Customise
2 Tap on the screen again and tap on Add photo
Tap Add photo
3 Select a photo to apply as a watch face and tap OK. You can zoom in or out of the photo by rotating the bezel. When the photo is zoomed in, swipe the screen to adjust which part of the photo you want to appear on the screen

To add extra photos, rotate the bezel clockwise, or swipe the screen to the left and select Add photo. Up to twenty photos can be added to the My Photo+ watch face. The photos you add will be rotated as your watch face
Tap OK
Tap OK
4 While in Customize mode for the My Photo+ watch face, you can swipe left/right to customise additional features such as Clock type and Font color
Swipe the screen to change the color or font

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