How to connect Samsung DeX with Samsung Galaxy S10 Series?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

What is Samsung DeX feature?

With Samsung DeX feature, you can use your Mobile Device like a computer by connecting it to an external display, such as a TV or monitor and at the same time, use your Mobile Device simultaneously.


To connect to an external display, you can use an HDMI adaptor (USB Type-C to HDMI), DeX Pad, or DeX Station.

Please note:
•  All accessories, including the DeX Pad, are sold separately

• Use only official Samsung DeX supported accessories that are provided by Samsung. Performance problems and malfunctions caused by using accessories that are not officially supported are not covered by the warranty

Type of Samsung Dex
Connect Samsung Dex with Mobile Device
1 Connect an HDMI adaptor to your Mobile Device
2 Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI adaptor and to a TV or monitor’s HDMI port
3 On your Mobile Device’s screen, tap Continue > Start

Without changing your Mobile Device's screen, the Samsung DeX screen will appear on the connected TV or monitor
Connecting Mobile Device to Samsung Dex via HDMI Adapter
Control Samsung Dex screen with a Device

You can use a wireless keyboard/mouse to flow from the external display to the Mobile Device’s screen

Launch the Settings App > Samsung DeX > Mouse/trackpad, and then select the Flow pointer to phone screen switch to activate it.

You can also use the external keyboard on the Mobile Device’s screen.

Using S10 Series as a touchpad

You can use your Mobile Device as a touchpad and operate it with your fingers. On your Mobile Device, drag downwards from the top of the screen to open the notification panel and tap Use your phone as a touchpad.


ㆍYou can use the touchpad only when using Samsung DeX mode

ㆍIf your Mobile Device’s case has a front cover, open the front cover to use your Mobile Device as a touchpad. If the front cover is closed, the touchpad may not work properly

ㆍIf your Mobile Device’s screen turns off, press the Power key to turn on the screen

a) Orienting the touchpad

When you are using your Mobile Device as a touchpad, you can use it in either the horizontal or vertical alignment.  To rotate the touchpad, rotate the smartphone or double-tap  Rotation icon.

b) Using Mobile Device while using the touchpad 

You can use Apps on your Mobile Device even while it is being used as a touchpad. On your Mobile Device, drag upwards from the bottom of the screen to show the navigation bar. Then, tap the Home button to move to the Home screen, and select the Apps you want to use.

c) Using Mobile Device to perform texting tasks

When you enter text to send messages, create notes, or perform other tasks, a screen keyboard will appear automatically on
your Mobile Device’s screen without connecting an external keyboard. If the keyboard does not appear, select the Keyboard icon on the
quick access toolbar.

Common questions

Monitor screen is cropped or color satuation is different when connecting with Galaxy S10 Series via Samsung Dex Station

If your TV or monitor screen is cropped or displaying different colors, go to Settings menu of the relevant display, and try to
resolve the issue to some degree via the Color/Resolution settings or Screen Size settings.

1 Go to the Settings menu via the connected TV or monitor
2 In the Screen settings, change the screen size or image size
3 In the System settings, change the input method from HDMI mode (PC/AV) to PC

Please note: The access to and name of the settings menu may vary depending on the TV or monitor

Please note:
• Samsung DeX officially supports Full HD (16:9, HDMI supported) monitors. If your monitor only supports a resolution below Full HD or is defective, the Samsung DeX screen may appear blurry. And Samsung DeX mode supports HD+ and WQHD resolutions, Some content on your device may be displayed differently on the TV or monitor

• Samsung DeX itself doesn‘t support a feature for changing the resolution at the moment

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