How to set and use the features in Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

Read on to find out how to set and use various features on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

How to access Apps screen?

To open the Apps screen, press the Home key on the Watch screen. Press the Home key again to return to the Watch screen.

In the Apps screen, rotate the bezel or swipe the screen to the left or right to view other panels.

Navigating between Watch Face and Screen App
How to use Quick panel

Quick panel allows you to view the Galaxy Watch’s current status and configure settings.

Swipe downwards from the top edge of the screen. The indicator icons shown may vary depending on the region.

Quick setting icons appear on the quick panel. Tap the icon to change the basic settings or launch the function conveniently. Up to eight icons are displayed on the quick panel.

Access Quick Panel on Galaxy Watch
Access Quick Panel on Galaxy Watch

You can edit the icons on the quick panel. To add a new icon, remove one of the eight icons first before proceeding. 

• Removing a quick setting icon : Tap and hold an icon you want to delete on the quick panel and tap minus icon. The quick setting icon will be removed

• Adding a quick setting icon : Tap and hold a quick setting icon > tap plus icon, then select a feature you want to add on the quick panel. The icon for the feature you select will be added on the quick panel.


You can also edit the quick panel by tapping Settings > Advanced > Edit quick settings.

How to adjust the brightness

You can adjust the Galaxy Watch’s display brightness to suit the environment.

On the quick panel, tap the Brightness icon and adjust the brightness by rotating the bezel, or tap plus or minus icon.


Alternatively, on the Settings screen, tap Display > Brightness and adjust the brightness by rotating the bezel, or plus or minus icon.

Please note: Even though same brightness level was set for both large Watch(46mm) and small Watch(42mm), real brightness can be shown differently due to difference hardware specification.

How to set lock screen

You can use the screen lock feature to protect your personal information by preventing others from accessing your Galaxy Watch.

After activating the screen lock feature, the Galaxy Watch will require an unlock code whenever unlocking it.

• Pattern : Draw a pattern with four or more dots to unlock the screen

• PIN : Enter a PIN with at least four numbers to unlock the screen. You can enter the PIN with the bezel. Rotate the bezel to move to the number you want to enter. After the color of the number changes, the number will be entered

To set the screen lock, follow these steps:

1 Tap Settings
Tap Settings
2 Tap Security
Tap Security
3 Tap Lock
Tap Lock
4 Tap Type and select the lock method
Tap Type and select the lock method
How to enter text

A text input screen will appear when you are able to enter text.

• The screen layout may be different depending on the App you launch

• When the Galaxy Watch is connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth, the language settings applied on the mobile device are applied to the Galaxy Watch

To insert a text template

Using the voice input

• Tap Speaker icon and speak to enter your message. To change the language recognized, tap More option (three vertical dots) > Input languages

Please note:
• This feature is not supported in some languages

• Tips for better voice recognition

    – Speak clearly

    – Speak in quiet places

    – Do not use offensive or slang words

    – Avoid speaking in dialectal accents

The Galaxy Watch may not recognise your spoken message depending on your surroundings or how you speak.

Use the voice input

Using emoticons

Tap the Emoticons icon and select the category. The emoticon list of the selected category will appear.

To draw a picture, tap Doodle at the top of the screen, and draw your message. Rotate the bezel anticlockwise to delete the input stroke by stroke. To recover a stroke, rotate the bezel clockwise.

Use emoticons

Using handwriting input mode or the keyboard

Tap Keyboard icon (a symbol of T with pen and keyboard) and open handwriting mode and write on the screen.

This feature may not be available depending on the region.

Changing the input mode

Rotate the bezel to change the input mode on the text input screen.

You can switch between handwriting mode, character mode, number mode, punctuation mode, emoticon mode, and voice input mode.

How to change input language

Drag the space key to the left or right while tapping and holding it to change the input language.

To add more languages, switch to number/punctuation/emoticon mode and follow these steps:

1 Tap Settings
Tap Settings
2 Select input languages
Select Input Languages
2 Select a language to add
Select Languages

Please note: You can use up to two languages

How to use call features

Answering a call

When a call comes in, rotate the bezel clockwise. Alternatively, drag outside the large circle.

Answer a call

You can have phone conversations via the internal microphone, speaker, or a connected Bluetooth headset.

If you subscribe a call waiting, you can receive calls while you are on the phone. When you answer the second call, you can place the current call on hold or end it.

Mobile network models can receive calls from both the phone number of the Galaxy Watch and a connected mobile device. However, when receiving a second call on a number different from the one you are using, you cannot place that call on hold while answering the second call. The call will simply end.

Making calls

Tap Phone icon on the Apps screen.

Use one of the followings methods:

• Tap Keypad icon, enter a number and then tap Phone icon

• Tap Contact icon, search or select a contact, and then tap Phone icon

• Scroll through the log list, select a log entry, and then tap Phone icon

Making call

Options during calls

The following actions are available:

Option during call

1. Adjust the volume
2. Transfer calls to the mobile device

3. Turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you

4. Access additional options

5. End the current call

Switching to a Bluetooth headset

Switch the Galaxy Watch to a Bluetooth headset to continue the call. When a Bluetooth headset is connected to the Galaxy Watch, tap the Headset icon on the call screen to make a phone call with the Bluetooth headset.

If a Bluetooth headset is not connected to the Galaxy Watch, on the Apps screen, tap Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > BT headset. When the available Bluetooth headsets list appears, select a Bluetooth headset you want to use.

Please note: This feature is available when you use the mobile network model without connecting to a mobile device

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