How to set up SmartThings Hub on your Samsung Smartphone?

Last Update date : Jul 28. 2022


There are several variants of SmartThings Hubs, and Wi-Fi Hubs, these Hubs helps connect to the different sensors, locks, light, switches, outlets, thermostats and other compactible devices at home. The hub serves as a one point contact for you, offering you home security, peace of mind and limitless possibilities.



Set up a hub in SmartThings
1 Open up the SmartThings app

If you don't see the app in your apps list, look into the Samsung Folder 

2 Connect your hub with SmartThings

From the home screen, Tap on the + ( plus sign ), and then


Tap on Add device > Wifi / Hub, and select your hub from the popup list.


You will see prompted instructions depending on the type of hub you choose. Follow the instructions shown, and then tap NEXT until you finish each step.   

Do take note : If the hub fails to connect, refer to the user manual to reset it and then try again. If it fails again, vist SmartThings Support for further assistance.

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